Interview with Clem Murray from Harrison Brink

Clem Murray is the Senior Photographer at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Murray at work covering duck boat recovery.

Murray at work covering duck boat recovery.

Born in 1954, Murray has had an interest in photography most of his life, starting when he was about 8 years old with a small Kodak camera. Later, when Murray was in high school, he purchased his first SLR 35mm film camera. He used to shoot pictures and then go to his friend’s family’s darkroom to develop them. His love for photography developed further when he took a night class for photography at Syracuse University as a high school senior. After getting an A in the class, Murray’s desire to become a photographer was cemented. After high school, Murray studied at Syracuse University and received his bachelors degree in photojournalism in 1976.

After graduating, Murray started working for the local newspapers, the Syracuse Post-Standard and the Herald Journal, as a staff photographer from 1976-1980. Deciding that it was time to move on from his home town, Murray landed a job in Philadelphia as a staff photographer at the Associated Press, where he worked from 1980-1982. After his work for the Associated Press, Murray was able to start working as a staff photographer for the Philadelphia Inquirer. In 1988, Murray was made the Director of Photography at the Inquirer and in 2004 he became the Senior Photographer, a position that he still holds to this day.

See how Clem got where he is today.


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